Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Why Start Blogging Today?

So last night I was at the Wash Nationals game with my friend Gillian (one of my gurus on technology who I squeeze for knowledge and then regurgitate to others as my own). She & I talk about all things iPod, WiFi and software. Gill tells me she's started a blog for her consulting group http://cookgroup.blogspot.com/. Then she asks me if I have a blog. I don't, of course, but realize that in less than 12 hours, I must begin one in order to preserve my perceived technological intellect.

So for many reasons, I begin mine today. This is will not take the place of my American Idol columns, but rather supplement them (with comments from all you folks who feel the need to respond to the columns as if they are discussion groups) as well as allow me to continue my rantings and ravings beyond the scope of Reality Television.

With luck, this will be a blessing for all. For you, a chance to truly get more wit from me. For Larry, another activity that occupies my time and costs less than a month's supply of Ritilan. And for me, the continued chance to do something I enjoy more than anything: creative writing!


Anonymous peepster said...

Hello, I have been getting your e-mails for weeks from a friend of a friend...Just want to say thanks!..reading your comments if nothing else always puts a smile on my face. I have to agree with most of your comments whams and slams...personally I am voting for Carrie but agree Vonzell is awesome.Like the baby picture but it slightly changes the image I have of you in my head...ever watch survivor?...smile....keep up the good work...YOU should be sitting next to Simon instead of that dreadful Paula...

1:27 PM  

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