Sunday, August 21, 2005

This past weekend, Larry and I went to go see March of the Penguins. If you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend the film. It’s your typical National Geographic nature movie, but it was interesting and well-done.

The movie chronicles the story of the Emperor Penguins and their rituals and hardships for starting a family each year. The penguins will literally march 70 miles to an inland location in Antarctica to begin the process of courtship and breeding. It is told that the penguins are monogamous for that year of breeding and work together over the course of 6 months to raise a chick.

Once an egg has been laid, the female penguin passes the egg to the father, who then balances it on his feet and keeps it warm under his belly… for three months. The mother returns to the ocean and feeds so that she can provide food to the baby penguin. When she returns, the baby has been born and the father then goes to feed. This process continues for the next three months. Each time, the penguins march 70 miles or more to return to the ocean.

The babies are fully dependent on the parents for both food and shelter. The winter winds and harsh terrain make it imperative for a child to have the parent guide and care for them.

As we left the theater, Larry looks over and says, “Wow. That was amazing. Penguins are dedicated parents. That reminded me a lot of how we take care of Corey.”

I look over in wonder, “Sweetie, you have to put a video on for Corey when I go to take a shower.”


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