Sunday, July 09, 2006

It's all in the presentation

So I'm Hawaii at our annual meeting. Yeah, I sympathies, but I am working my butt off; even if every one of my drinks has an umbrella in it.

Our conference this year is sponsored by three associations, so for each function we had three folks. That mean three Marketing Directors.

Let me say that having three Marketing Directors is a lot like having three Celine Dions in the the decision-making process. Luckily, Celine #1 & I got along really well and ganged up on the 'my-heart-will-go' Celine. We've been kicking her french canadian butt.

#1's associations is based in DC like mine, so she & I have met several times. The third association is based in Michigan, so our only contact has been through conference calls. I can't tell you how many times the mute button was pushed to ensure the expletives couldn't be heard.

So I met the third director yesterday. After avoiding her for two days, someone finally introduced us. She gave me a big hug. "I've been looking for you these past few days and haven't been able to locate you. I knew I was supposed to look for the silver haired guy."

HUH? When did I become Ernest Hemmingway?

"Silver Haired? Babe, this is blonde with gray highlights."

Obviously she was trying to become my best friend because she actually followed up on that statement. "Really? It looks really gray to me."

"I've often been mistaken for Anderson Cooper so it's a logical mistake, I guess."

As I walked away, I quoted my son's favorite saying, "To Infinity and Be-yoch!"

Silver Haired, my ass.


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