Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Flying Home

It's the last day of our trip visiting my folks in Chicago. Why do vacations always seem more tiring than staying home?

Overall, it has been great. Corey has really enjoyed spending time with his grandparents and met his two cousins out here for the first time. His cousin Kevin is only a few months older than him and we were wondering how they would get along. Their conversations went a lot like this:

"Barrrlllppp.....I burped"
"pppfffttssd....oh yeah, that was my fart."
"Toooootttteerr.......I can fart too out my bootie."

Nice huh? 5 year olds will be 5 year olds. Whatever did we get ourselves into.

Corey has had a great time, watching Star Wars movies, playing with all my old toys and getting spoiled in general. We spent a day at Centennial Beach, which is this old quarry now used as a pool and beach. The boys also spent the day at the Dupage Children's Museum. Talk about a place that Purell would make a fortune.

The flight was low key, not that it's hard to have a meltdown in 90 minutes. God bless iTunes who thought it was a wise idea to include Little Einsteins in their programming choice.

We're coming home tonight so pictures later this week.

PS My email notification for comments hasn't been working well at all. My apologies if I haven't responded back.

PPS Drop by Family of Choice and congratulate my friend Bacchus. He and his partner have finalized the adoption of their son.

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Blogger creative-type dad said...

Vacations are always longer when family is somehow involved. At least mine...

iTunes has Little Einsteins? Uh oh..

1:03 PM  

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