Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random Nothings for Jan

I'm in a funk with school. Similar to last semester, I just get burned out every now & then. We had mid-terms last week. (8-week classes, so we have mid-terms on the 4th and 12th weeks of the semester.) I was so pleased with my progress in Micro-economics. Honestly, I love this class and think I really have a knack for it. However, the professor walloped us with an overly vague fill-in-the-blank exam. Like me, most people felt disappointed with their performances. I don't feel like it properly assessed my knowledge of the subject. We'll have to see what curve she gives when the tests are returned on Saturday.

Strategic Leadership finished but we still have a final paper. For some reason, I'm paralyzed on that as well. The paper is on 'Profiling the Executive in the Next Decade'. The title seems really clever; "Gen-Xecutive", but it seems that my cleverness has stopped there. Wish me luck as I have to generate 4 pages by Monday.

We did a print job at work this week that went bust. The team created a new member folder used to welcome schools that recently joined. We misprinted the word "assess" as "asses". Nice, huh?

Work has some other issues, but more on that later.

On the plus side, we have joined Tivo community. Holy crap, do any of you have this? It revolutionizes watching television. I cannot stop recording things (which mind you, I have no time to watch). I can schedule recordings from work. We watch photos from the computer on the TV. And Corey now has a bucket of shows just sitting there for him to watch. I love this service.

In the pet world, we seem to be nearing the end for our daschund. Reggie had a stroke on Thursday. His back legs keep slipping out from under him as he walks. He's compensating, but some days are better than others. The good part is that he's eating and doing his business with no problems (other than us ensuring he's standing when he goes). The vet says this is a good sign, but we're getting ready for the inevitable. I'm not a big fan of this part of the circle of life.

And as of today, I'm now as old as Mitch.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Too Many Steves

The other day, I received another email inviting me to become friends on Facebook.

Kari Stuttin added you as a friend on Facebook.

I almost clicked the link and then thought to myself, "Who the hell is Kari?" As I mentioned in my last post, I'm not remembering much these days (though I can totally explain the law of demand for substitute goods or how total revenue increases in an elastic situation). Still I kept trying to place Kari, but just couldn't.

So I cheated. I went on Facebook and looked up her profile. Damn, she goes to GW. Okay, that must be how I know....

Umm wait...I still have no idea who she is.

She's not in my MBA class. She's not even in the MBA class before me. CRAP, she's an undergrad. In fact, she was born in 1986...when I was an undergrad. I need to end this, but I feel bad for her.

Kari, listen..I'm old enough to be your dad. And although you think I'm totally hot, sadly I'm gay so it's just not going to happen between us. I have a partner and a son. I just don't think we could make it work with all that going on. Sure, it's easy to fall for this burning hunk of MBA, but there will be other guys out there for you...younger... and well, straighter. But I'm touched by your infatuation.

As I'm looking at her profile, I notice the following:

Kari and Steve C. are now friends.
Kari and Stephen E. are now friends.
Kari and Stephen L. are now friends.
Kari and Steve A. are now friends.
Kari and Steve H. are now friends.
Kari and Stephen M. are now friends.
Kari and Steve F. are now friends.
Kari and Steve N. are now friends.
Kari and Stephen G. are now friends.
Kari and Stephen G. are now friends.
Kari and Stephen B. are now friends.
Kari and Steven D. are now friends.
Kari and Steve C. are now friends.
Kari and Steven H. are now friends.
Kari and Steve H. are now friends.
Kari and Steven K. are now friends.
Kari and Stephen C. are now friends.
Kari and Stephen M. are now friends.
Kari and Stephen R. are now friends.
Kari and Stephen N. are now friends.
Kari and Steve I. are now friends.

Two things are running through my head at this point. First, I'm not quite the only "Steve" she seems be after. And second, this girl is going to have no problem getting a lot of dates her last year of college.

However Kari, it'd be a good idea to at least check the ages of all your "Steves." I think your dad would shit his pants to see you have Facebook friends who are older than he is.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Was I Going to Say?

This is what I hate most about grad brain is mush. I'm like an 87-year old man who can't remember that I like Jello or just put my teeth in the cup on my night stand. I remember NOTHING these days.

Every day I come across something that I want to tell you. Little anecdotes that I can turn into a funny story. And what happens? NADA. I forget what I was going to say.

Once I even wrote it down. Then I couldn't find the paper.

On the plus side, school is going great. Friday, I submitted a 10-page paper on once-again CEO Howard Schultz's leadership of Starbucks and then jammed out another 9-pager on Meg Whitman from eBay this weekend. eBay was easy given that I could reference my own experiences as a seller. The Strategic Management & Leadership class is having us profile executives and their rise to leadership with regards to their corporate strategy. It's taxing but really interesting.

Economics is going well too. Surprising, it's actually making a lot of sense despite never having taken a class in it before. Mid-terms are in two weeks and I feel pretty good about my understanding of things thus far.

However, keeping myself immersed in this world sometimes makes me forget the other world. I completely forgot to send my mom a birthday card for her special day today.


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