Monday, April 20, 2009

Almost Back

Does it feel like I've been gone forever? It totally does from this end. Not much longer folks, just don't give up on me.

My last class day is tomorrow. I'm stunned. May 3-8 is our final residency and graduation is May 15. It feel like it flew by at some moments and dragged at others, but who's done.

Old House
The current house was listed last Friday. We've never kept a house so clean in our lives. Everything gets buried into drawers as soon as we walk out the door.

Sunday was the first open house which produced a lot of foot traffic. We've had a major nibble and should hopefully be able to announce something within the next few days if all goes well.

New House
Still on schedule for mid-July. I've never loved Tyvek so much in my life. The windows went in this past week. There's a pile of bricks sitting in the front that should go on the front of the house shortly. It's coming together nicely.

Train Wreck
I will leave you with one funny gem. Larry found a marathon of this reality show called Any Dream Will Do on BBC. This is a casting call for a new production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The show is similar to the Grease "You're the One that I Want" show that America did, except this version is so much campier and probably the gayest entertainment since the Birdcage.

The judges are dreadful and the host Graham Norton is annoying as shit. The Lord (yes they call him that) Andrew Lloyd Weber gives the final yes or no if the Joseph stays that week.

But what nearly made me wet myself was the 'dismissal' song that each fallen Joseph goes through as the remaining contestant strip him of his coat. Bloodly brilliant.