Friday, January 27, 2006

Jenni, don't change your number

My friend Jenni is back staying with us again. Yeah, the same Jenni who believes there is a young female ghost who inhabits her apartment in Pittsburgh. The way I see it, someone might as well live there since she's always crashing at our place.

I sound bitter, but really that's just a natural state for me when I write. Sarcasm is my way of life. We've always opened our house to Jenni when she's passing through town. Between her & our friend Kate, they've nicknamed our house the R&R B&B. (R&R due to our dogs' names).

Anywho... Jenni comes stormin' into town on Tuesday after driving five hours from Pittsburgh. It was snowing most of her trip and Jenni kept calling until we finally stopped answering the phone. Seriously, like I care that you are passing by the Hagerstown Outlets and there is nothing good on the radio.

I decided that Jenni is like one of the boomerang college kids who never leaves the home. She signs an apartment lease and has moved her things out, but she eats our food and does laundry here. But we love her like our own, so this what parenting is all about.

She even functions like a real daughter. Within 24 hours of being at our place, she got into a car accident and broke our guest bathroom towel rack. She opted to call Larry since she thought I'd be much angrier about the towel rack. As Larry explained, "Well the car isn't ours, so the towel rack will probably have a bigger impact on Steve." I sent her to time out later that night.

Jenni laughed last night as we had dinner. "This is like that old TV show, My Two Dads."

I looked over at her. "Which one would I be?"

Without missing a beat, she said, "Dude, one of them is adventurous & rugged and the other is anal-rententive and neurotic. You figure it out."

I then explained what she could do with the rest of the broken towel rack.



Anonymous Jenni said...

Okay, that's so not what I said, but anyway... the little boy in the My Two Dads pic is Feebie's Brother, retarded boy who marries Juliette Lewis and sniper who dies in Saving Private Ryan... very ethnic/Italian name... Gone in 60 Seconds also. What's his name? Anyway, who knew????

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Jenni said...

Yep, it's him:
Giovanni Ribisi

Don't doubt me!

10:31 PM  

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