Monday, December 19, 2005

Half in the Bag

Compulsive, retentive, organized; yes these are all words that describe me. I know my weaknesses and I embrace them. Sometimes you just have to accept the deck with you’ve been dealt and move on from there.

This past week, my company had their annual Christmas… sorry “Holiday” party. In addition to an afternoon of fun, each employee got a small gift. In the past, it’s been a fleece throw, a windbreaker, a foling camping chair, etc.. All of them were nice, but I’ve never really used any of them. OK, technically one member of the family does use an item. Our beagle LOVES the fleece throw.

This year: BONANZA, baby… and I’m not talking the all-you-can-eat meat with the sneeze guard salad bars restaurant chain.

Seriously, it was the mother load. Each person got a Leeds toiletry bag. How cool is that? OK, truth be told, not everyone was as excited as me. However, I think they were overcome with my exhilaration.

Upon walking to our desks and noticing the bag, my eyes widened with pleasure. Immediately, my friend Georgia called me.

OMG, you must be so happy; a portable container for you to put more thing into.

Not only that,” I said, “but it’s waterproof and has reinforced zippers and hooks.

There are few things that make a gay man happier. People might say I have baggage; the correct term my friend, is luggage!


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