Friday, February 03, 2006

ESPNot really

I am watching the Super Bowl this weekend. I know that’s shocker for most of you, but get this… I even know the teams that are playing. It’s weird; football is not as bad as I thought it was.

A few weeks ago, on the poopy ‘gina day, I watched the Steelers/Colts game while I babysat the 14th month old. The key, I think, was that I watched it for two hours by myself. As much as this will shock most of you, I have a tendency to talk to others rather than watch a sport event. But this time, I actually learned & enjoyed what was happening.

I know… I’m amazed by that fact as well.

Seriously, I used to say that the only way I’d watch a football game was if Bernadette Peters and Liza Minnelli were playing. But remember, this is my year of reinventing myself. If I can go hiking and run a 10K, I can learn football.

Look it’s not like I’m going to run out and get a subscription to Sports Illustrated. OMG, can you see the Swim Suit Edition arriving the same day the Advocate’s Top 30 Gays for 2005? Talk about confusing for the poor mail carrier.

The nice part is I think my sports interest will always carry with it that sense of ignorance you’ve come to appreciate. It was only at Christmas, when watching the Bears with my father and Larry, that I learned another amazing football fact.

You’re not going to believe this,” I shouted, “but I don’t think they can see that yellow line.

My father looked puzzled at my remarks. “What do you mean?

The yellow first down line!!! We can see it on TV, but the people on the field can’t see it!

My father put his head in hands. I’m certain I heard a whimper.

So this weekend, Larry & I will watch our first Super Bowl together at a friend’s party. With Corey’s moms being from Pittsburgh, it’s safe to say that if I value my role as a father, I will be rooting for the Steelers. I think I can be a supporting fan even though I don’t have a Terrible Towel. Heck, I don’t even an irritating washcloth. (Once I had an itchy duvet cover, but that’s probably irrelevant in this context.)

Oh, and did I mention that Ben, the throwing guy, went to my college?

w00t team!


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