Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bump & Grind

I hate flavored coffee, always have. Nothing goes in my coffee. No sugar. No milk or cream. It's my heart.

At Starbucks, the most I'll do to alter the coffee is put the 'heat condom' around the cup. (It's made from 90% recycled paper, in case you didn't know.)

Someone once made me sign up for Gevaila so they could receive a free coffee maker. In return, became the proud owner of raspberry-mint coffee, hazelnut-pumpkin coffee and some other nasty-ass crap that even Juan Valdez would have thrown up on.

Nope, nothing in my coffee. That was until we went to Santa Fe with some friends.

For the record, I hated the trip to Santa Fe. We stayed a B&B and that confirmed that I'm totally not a B&B person. 20 people in the kitchen by 7:30 all wanting to be friendly. Not my thing. Plus the entire town had the faux-southwestern theme going on. Everything was Red Chili Pepper theme...and I don't mean the group with Flea. Even our friends had their own agenda of what to see. None of it interested us.

Larry and I were bored shitless there until we went to a small independent coffee place and just hung out there. I mentioned to the woman there how I hated flavored coffee. She nodded and then brought me a cup of something. "Try this," she said. "Most people who like plain coffee seem to like it."

He sipped. And he saw that it was good.

So for this month, I present to you New Mexico Pinon Coffee. This would be where I'd write an incredibly brilliant section about Pinon trees and their seeds, but frankly, why bother when there's a great explanation on the New Mexico Pinon Coffee site. I'd just bore you...worse than an entire article on great coffee.

With a buy 1 & get 1 half price, it's a hard deal to beat. The coffee has a hearty taste and is the perfect fall-weather coffee. It's aromatic and doesn't have that acidic aftertaste. (Oh God, I'm sounding like those International Coffee commercials where they feature a mom & daughter talking about that not-so-fresh feelings, aren't I?)

But the best part, is that by purchasing this coffee, you don't have travel all the way to Santa Fe. (hey, that rhymes.)



Blogger Phil said...

Oh man, you're making me want to like coffee... I've actually never given it a fair shot. It's a psychological thing connected with my coffee-drinking dad's abandonment of me. Yeah, 30 years later I still see him in a cup o' Joe (which, coincidentally, is his name).

I might just have to get this stuff for my wife, though. She loves coffee.

1:12 AM  
Blogger Lola and Ava said...

I think you graduated before Miami did the whole "Jump Start Your Brain" thing with Folgers. Totally hooked me on the flavored coffee creamers until I could regularly get a mocha latte. If only we had a Starbucks . . . Dunkin'Donuts just ain't cutting it.

2:47 PM  

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