Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Great Pumpkin

Every year, we go with a big group of friends to Great Country Farm out in Bluemont, VA. It's over an hour for us to get there, but it's one of the best days we have all year.

Great Country Farm is an actual working farm. It's a co-op that allows us city folk to 'purchase' some of the crops by joining their membership. Pay an annual fee and ever week and the farm drops off produce each week depending on what they are harvesting.

The big event however is Halloween. They organize a petting zoo, rope swings, giant slides, hay rides and picking pumpkins in the field. It's one of Corey's favorite things to do. We've gone almost every year since he was born.

This year was no different except for two things.
  1. The farm added this giant 'pumpkin' pillow which the kids could jump up & down on. It was surrounded by sand so if you rolled off, you wouldn't get hurt. Corey loved it and jumped for over an hour.
  2. We showed up on the wrong day. After searching for our friends, I finally called their cell phone to see where they were. I was promptly informed the event was today not yesterday. We decided to just make it a family event and enjoy the day together.
We packed a lunch, brought our camping chairs from the car (no we don't camp) and just settled down next to the pumpkin pillow. We went on the slides, petted the animals and took a ride on the train. We watched as pumpkins were shot from cannons and climbed on haystacks.

We came home exhausted, but as you can see one little boy had a great time. (He's wearing the yellow striped shirt.)



Blogger Papa Bradstein said...

Are you kidding? I'd jump on that for over an hour too. Except I'd break my ankle or something.

But that looks superfun. Way to go, Corey.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Daddy L said...

The things you get to do around Halloween when it's still warm outside. Looks like a hoot.

11:52 AM  

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