Thursday, March 29, 2007

It Puts the Lotion on Its Skin

My friend Charlie hooked me up again, this time with Keri lotion. You remember that commercial… “Keri, it’s so very.” I always thought that was a weird way to end a sentence. "Very what?"

Anywho, I’m a guy who has used one lotion for about 15 years. I hate smells and I don’t like the greasy feelings afterwards. The problem has been that my current brand has gone through the roof in costs. I used to get one of the 15 gallon jugs from the warehouse clubs for $5, but no longer. Now I resort to eBay, scoring bottles that mysteriously fell off trucks.

When he offered up the chance to try a new lotion, I jumped. Overall, I’d have to say it’s pretty good. I was sent two bottles; the original moister therapy and shea butter. Neither smells all perfume-like nor is too greasy.

The promotion package I received says there are 7 different types of lotion including SPF 15 and overnight deep conditioning versions. All of them have vitamin E as well.

What made me laugh about the promotion package however was the marketing tie in. It came with an acrylic paint set (which could not have been more timely) and a book with beginning instructions on how to paint. The book said it chose the paintings because they featured and celebrated women feeling beautiful and confident and enjoying the experience of being a woman.

Ummm, yeah. Please dear God, don't let that happen for me. I seriously enjoy being a guy.

However, the lotion is a winner.



Blogger Mamma said...

There was a lotion I used to love and they took it off the market. Now I can't even remember the name. It came in a blue bottle. But I'm with you on the no greasy thing.

I must now own no less than 20 different types of lotion forever on the search of the perfect one.

I may have to add a bottle of Keri to the list. Though I've been pretty happy with the Nivea Q10 (hmmm...I think it's Nivea--as I said I have so many now).

good luck hanging on to the testosterone.

11:49 PM  

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