Friday, July 20, 2007

Vienna Calling

There are times when you enjoying viewing a concert and there are times you just get completely sucked in. Last night was one of those times for me.

I found Vienna Teng through surfing the Internet three years ago and was immediately mesmerized. You can close your eyes and hear aspects of Tori Amos, however she brings about a clarity and calmness that goes unmatched.

If I have to work on a weekend, this is the music I listen to. It almost becomes this underlying soundtrack to the day. Whereas cranking the volume of a rock song gets your blood pumping, this soothes me as my energy increases.

I've always wanted to see three musicians live. Last year I got the privilege to hear one of those groups. I didn't think they could be outdone until last night when we went to one of the best places in DC for live music.

At 29, Vienna has such a command of her music and lyrics. She has studied classical piano since age 5 and began writing material at age 12. With a degree in computer science from Stanford, she worked for Cisco for two years before turning to music full-time.

Supported on stage by a cellist, a violinist, and a percussionist, there was an utter simplicity in how they performed but yet an unbelievable complexity to the music. The four of them performed as one although it was her voice that just connected with audience.

Sometimes a concert doesn't come close to what you hear through a CD. There is the energy of hearing a person live, but the precision is lost. Not this time.

I never thought I'd enjoy this concert as much as I did, but it was truly one of my favorites.



Blogger Caroline said...

Hey Steve,
Cool! It reminds me of the Windham Hill artists (no vocals). I have a couple of their Winter Solstice cds that I think you'd like. Remind me next time you're at the house. :)


6:10 PM  

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