Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Pain in the Butt

Part two of my hiking adventure deals with the day after. As I mentioned, we hiked back up from the waterfall about two miles, at a graduated incline and never stopped once. It was like a Stairmaster, but with better air and scenery.

Monday morning, I could barely move. My butt and legs hurt badly. Even my friend, Percocet, was barely making a dent. (Though combined with two diet cokes, it was performing at a much improved rate.)

So Monday morning, I was publicly expressing my pain to Becca (my hiking buddy) and Georgia (another friend). Luckily, I’m gifted in that I can take my agony and construct it to be humorous. I explained to Georgia my aches and pointed to the two spots near the back of my thighs that screamed in agony.

“That’s your gluteus meatius,” she said.

I nearly died of laughter. “Meatius?” What Greek linguist thought to make the ass sound fat centuries ago? Brilliant, I thought. That man totally would have been my friend.

I left enlighten and determined to learn about my meaty butt. Venturing onto Wikipedia, I searched to learn more about this fascinating, but very sore muscle.

Nothing. My searches yielded nothing. Finally, I expanded my search and there it was.

It wasn’t “Meatius”; it was “medius.”

Huh? Well what’s funny about that?

That’s why I hate the Greeks, no sense of irony.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Texas accent strikes again!

11:24 AM  

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