Thursday, December 01, 2005

What I know

Ok for some reason I just had to write about this word. The other day, I used this word in a sentence and it made me laugh. (btw, you try to incorporate that word into a sentence, it’s not easy.) Now, I realize this is a great medical exercise, but seriously, can you imagine the crap this family had to endure for their last name? I just like saying it. “Heimlich.” Yep, still makes me laugh.

I had made an educated guess that this chocking solution had been named after the guy who invented it. Sure enough after looking on Wikipedia, it gave credit to Henry Heimlich (giggle). The interesting part was that Hemilich’s colleague, Edward Patrick, is now trying to take credit for the move. The Patrick Maneuver doesn’t seem to have the same cache.

Wikipedia is the most amazing site. A friend of mine introduced me to it a few months ago. This is an online encyclopedia that can receive submission from users to enhance current entrees. Did you know the “WIKI” stands for “what I know is?” That’s what I should call our house; the “Wiki-House”, since let’s face it, Larry would probably tell you that’s what he deals with every day from me.

It’s hard to be the source of all things.


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