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Romeo and Juliet and the Online World, According to Alex Zielske

Some things are just worth sharing even if I can't take credit for them. This was written for an English class essay by the son of one of my friends. I find it particularly brilliant. He got an A on it.


Romeo and Juliet and the Online World
According to Alex Zielske
TAG English, Hour 3

Online Chat: Verona Server- Monday May 5th

Sampson294: Whaz up?
Grego9: Not much.
Sampson294: I want to fight some Capulets!
Grego9: lol. Me 2. What a bunch of pansies.
Sampson294: Yeah, I could take them all on.
Grego9: My ass, you liar.
Sampson294: No, really, I could.

Server: [Abrahamz and BalthZsar have entered the chat]

Grego9: Don't worry, I can kick them out.
Sampson249: No, wait, this could get interesting. Look at me! I'm a Capulet! 9! heheh
Abrahamz: Do you bite your thumb at me sir? I can't really see you soo…
Sampson249: Yes, I do bite my thumb sir, but not necessarily at you sir.
Grego9: Do you play Virtual Fighters Online?
Abrahamz: No…
Sampson249: Well, If you do, I could kick your butt back to Version 1.0!
Abrahamz: Whatever thou sayst, Sammy.

Server: [Benvolio83 has entered the chat]

Benvolio83: What's up, girls?
Abrahamz: That's it, it's on! Bring it, lame-o!
Grego9: It's already brung! Been brung since the Caps and the Monties started pluckin' each others' beards.
Server: [Abrahamz has challenged Team Grego9]
Benvolio83: Cut it out! Geez, can't you 2 go 2 minutes without fighting!
Sampson249: Hah! You're almost out of hit points!

Server: [Benvolio83 has closed the duel program. Game over]

Server: [Tybalt7 has entered the chat]

Tybalt7: Hey, I want in! Time to kick some Montague butt! I got the laser upgrade for my Mech unit!
Benvolio83: For the love of Mary! Cut it out, all of you! I don't care what lasers you've got. You're not going to fight!

Server: [Team Tybalt7 has challenged Team Grego9]

Server: [PrinceCharming15 has entered the room]

PrinceCharming15: Three times you have begun fighting in a public server! That's it! No more chances! If you do this one more time, I would hate to be online when I get to you! I will shut down the Screen Names of anyone who participates in disturbing the chats again!
Tybalt7: Whatever and whatever and whatever. See ya.
Sampson249: Yeah, me too.
Benvolio83: Bout time. Thanks PrinceCharming15.
Grego9:Oh, will you get offline already!
Abrahamz: Ok, I'm out 2. It was fun, guys.
Tybalt7: Oh yeah, we won. Ha ha, losers! And don't call me "fungi."

Server: [The Verona Server Chat has shut down]

(Romeo and the gang have decided to go to the Montagues party)

Online Chat: Montague Server- Monday May 5th

Benvolio83: Yeah! Party!
Romeo24: What?
Benvolio83: Here, let me invite you into the chat.

Server:[Romeo24 has entered the chat]

Romeo24:What's up, everybody!
Benvolio83: Just talking, chillin-n-illin like a villain.
Romeo24: Yeah, not much happening here, You call Sampson about the game yet?
Juliet16: Who's Romeo24?
Romeo24: Who wants to know?
Benvolio83: Hey man, I gotta scam, my old man is yelling at me to get off the comp. See you tomorrow.

Server:[Benvolio83 has left the chat]

Juliet16: Who are you?
Romeo24: You tell first.
Juliet16: Whatever. What kind of name is Romeo? R U Cap or Monty?
Romeo24: Hey, you like poems?
Juliet16: Maybe…:
Juliet16: You got a girlfriend?
Juliet16:You want one?
Juliet16 :Gotta go, my Nurse's calling me, you know the "Go toward your books and I mean quick! Not the way your schoolboys go toward love. Get thee off, missy."
Romeo24: Yeah, I know what you mean. That one's the worst. I hope I didn't dream this.
Juliet16: lol. Me 2. Hey! I.M. me later k?
Romeo24: Yeah yeah, I will.
Juliet16: See ya!

(Romeo and Juliet have done their little romance balcony thing, and now they're off to see the Friar)

Online Site: Tuesday May 6th

Friarinthehood: You sure you want to go through with this right? NO second chances!
Romeo24: What? Of course I'm sure, err. We're sure!
Juliet16: Yeah! Let's get married!
Friarinthehood: Very well, maybe this will end that stupid fighting game that your two families are soo fond of playing. It slows down the whole darn server!
Juliet16: Marry, just marry us already!
Friarinthehood: Fine…Let's see. Ok, just click the OK button on your screen.
Romeo24: Ok, now what?
Friarinthehood: Ok, now you should hear a sound


Romeo24:Alright! :
Juliet16: Whoo-hooo! : : :

(So now, Romeo has been banished and Juliet has taken the potion, and the Friar has sent the runner to Romeo about the plan. Ohhh, can't you just feel the suspense?).

Friarinthehood's online mailbox: - Wednesday May 7th

JohntheFriar: Hey dude, what's up?
Friarinthehood: Not much, you send that E-mail I told you to?
JohntheFriar: Yeah, but a weird thing happened. Here, I forwarded it to your Mailbox.
Friarinthehood: Ok…Lemme check.


The message you sent to Romeo24:
Romeo! Don't do anything drastic about hearing Juliet's death. She's not really dead! I gave her a potion so that she would appear to be dead, but she's not! Just wait for a little while, and I'll get her out to you pronto ok? Great! Oh, and your Credit Card number was rejected on the site. Don't try to be cute, Romeo. OK, see ya!
-Friar Lawrence

The above message was not received by: Romeo24, because of technical problems with our service. VOL, Verona On Line, would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you, and have a nice day.

(The end is near…)

Online Chat: Montague Server- Wednesday May 7th

Server:[Romeo24 has entered the chat]

Romeo24: Juliet?
Romeo24: Juliet?
Romeo24: Hey! Juliet! Wherefor art thou?
Romeo24: Whatever, I'll just search for you.
Romeo24: C:// Search online name://Juliet16


Server:[Juliet16 is no longer online]

Romeo24: WHY!
Romeo24: Juliet!!!

Server:[Paris75 has entered the chat]

Paris75: A Montague! Leave this chat immediately! I am here to see Juliet!
Romeo24: Leave me alone…I have done nothing to you. Don't tempt a desperate man!
Paris75: I said leave Romeo, don't make me I.M. the prince!
Romeo24: That's it, Whatever, get outta here.

Server:[Paris75 has been blocked from the chat room]

Romeo24:Juliet, oh my sweet Juliet! Where are you! That's it! I have no reason to IM!
Romeo24: Here's to my love!

Server:[Romeo24 has deleted his online account. Romeo24 is no longer online]

Server:[Juliet16 has entered the chat]

Juliet16: Hello?
Juliet16: O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
Juliet16: C:// Search online name://Romeo24

Server:[Romeo24 is no longer a Screen Name]

Juliet16:Oh NO!

Server:[Friarinthehood has entered the chat]

Friarinthehood: Juliet! Wait! It's not all bad! You can still be a nun!
Friarinthehood: You can still be a nun!

Server:[Juliet16 is no longer a Screen Name]

Friarinthehood: crap
Friarinthehood: Whatever

Server:[PrinceCharming15 has entered the chat]

Friarinthehood: I dare no longer stay!
PrinceCharming15: Why? Stay good Friar, why do you hasten so?
Friarinthehood: Uhh….

Server: [Friarinthehood has left the chat]

PrinceCharming15:Guys? Hello?
PrinceCharming15: Aww man! What a lame chat, I'm outta here.

Server:[PrinceCharming15 has left the chat]

Server: [The Verona Server has shut down]


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