Sunday, July 23, 2006

Method to my Madness

After four weeks of gracing the site, not one person representing Aveda products has contacted me for a more ringing endorsement. But fear not manufacturers, I believe in more than product.

We aren't the most 'green' family out there, but we do our best. We recycle...more than most, I'd say. I'm sort of a tyrant about that in our house. From Christmas cards to toilet paper rolls to the shredded receipts; it all goes into our bins by Monday morning.

And now that products are becoming green, we are trying our best to support those that are within a decent price range. The best so far has been Method cleaning products.

The two co-founders of Method believed that it was possible to make home care products without destroying the environment. They created things that were non-toxic, biodegradable, and as recycle-able as possible. And frankly, it's some of the best smelling and easy to use things we've ever tried.

The hand soaps and lotions are great. The laundry detergent gets the clothes smelling better than anything we've used. And they have coolest wipes on the planet. There are wipes for stainless steel appliances, leather furniture and for general cleaning. Honestly, the only thing that seems a big expensive for its delivery are the dishwashing cubes. But hey, it's fora great cause.

Pretty much everything is sold at Target and a few of the hand products are sold at local pharmacy stores. (CVS has them for us DC folks.)

Give the stuff a try. Hey, it's helping the environment... and potential this lowly blogger.



Blogger Bacchus said...

Method stuff is great. A couple of years ago they opened a shop in Union Square (San Francisco) and I got hooked. Of course they closed down after a few months, having accomplished their launch. I stock up every time I go to Target now.

1:59 AM  
Anonymous Richard said...

We've actually tried them out! We found them at our Target here in Oro Valley!

10:36 AM  

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