Monday, September 18, 2006

Where For Art Thou: A Web Site Review

There’s a new site online that I was asked to review, which highlights outdoorsy places: everything from national parks to state parks to city parks. Sponsored by Nature Valley, it allows users to post reviews, ratings and photos of the location. Each place is categorized by up to 20 types of activities and the web site allows you to select locations matching the specific activities.

The best part about it is that it really is user driven. The registration is simple and reviews are pretty straightforward, similar to other opinion driven web sites, but this focuses on the outdoors. The search aspect is highly intelligent and the most recently added or viewed is a great way to begin going through some of what the site has to offer.

What the site lacks is a basic tutorial or instruction page covering the options. If you stumble into this web site, there is nothing describing what you should do or how you should or could use it. I also was disappointed it didn’t connect to actual national park web sites. Obviously, that’s due to the individuals posting, but still a huge component that I thought was missing.

The map feature allows for some great ways to connect into camping or hiking locations if you’re on a road trip. There is also a great mouse-over feature that allows you to see the location without having to connect to the specific posting.

Over a neat site, but I’d recommend the opportunity to either map out the directions or actually connect to the individual parks.



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