Sunday, October 29, 2006

Random Nothings

One of my favorite bloggers will post an entry that sums up a lot of small things that happen in his week. I love that idea. During the week, I'll think to myself that something is really blog-worthy, but I can't flesh it out beyond a few sentences. Then my feeble mind will lose the thought forever before I can embellish it enough to warrant a posting. So today, you must endure my random thoughts.

People Who Don't Need People
We went to Home Depot today to return an empty gas cylindar for the grill. The Depot now has an automated system with outdoor lockers and you can return the empty and buy the new tank without having to talk to anyone. You begin at the kiosk and when it you say that you have a tank to return, it pops open an empty locker. You place the tank in the locker and shut the door, only then will the adjoining locker open for you to take the next tank. Freaking technology rocks.

Keeping Kosher
I love horseradish. I also love Wasabi. This week, it like that commerical where the peanut butter found the chocolate. There they were, joined at last. I grabbed the jar and ran back to Larry. "Hey, look what I found. This is exactly what I'm looking for," I said.

He looked over. "Great. Let's get it."
I frowned, "I can't. It's Kosher and we're not Kosher."
"We're not Jewish; people aren't Kosher." he corrected. "Who cares... we can still buy it."
"Really?" I asked. "But where do put it? It says to keep it refrigerated and we keep meat and dairy in our fridge."

Turns out, I'm not the brightest when it comes to religions.

My co-worker started a blog. I had decided not to share my blogging with anyone in the office, but when she mentioned she had begun this crazy blog journey, I totally caved and blabbed. I suck with secrets.

A Man's Castle is his...well, Castle
We bought Corey's Christmas gift today. Due to the amount of grandparents and extended family he has, we parents traditionally give him one gift a piece. Larry and I saw this Fisher Price Imaginext Adventures Castle and decided this was the toy of choice. Corey can play for hours in the world of imagination (much like I did) and he will love it. Plus it comes with a ton of accessories that my folks can buy. (On sale now at Toys R Us)

'I'm going to be like you Dad'
Daddy Daze did a great post this week about how kids can turn out a lot like you. It hit home because there is a lot of me I don't want Corey to be. I was a shy, embarrassed and timid kid. I had a tendency to play in imaginary worlds all by myself; something I now see him doing. Corey certainly interacts with a lot of kids, but I always worry and hope he is able to hurdle those stages I could not.

Daddy Daze also mentioned the fact that he's not into the traditional stuff a lot of guys like; sports, poker parties, etc. I also find myself in this category. It's funny how most people wrote it off as my being gay, but as I became older, I learned not every guy likes sports (and some pretty fantastic women can kick royal ass at fantasy football).

I'm not a wuss... I own power tools for God's sake, I listen to Metallica and I have eaten at a Hooters (not by choice mind you). I struggle with the fact I don't have a lot of guy friends. I spent so many years worrying that guys would interrupt it the wrong way. Now, through blogging, I find that I now have the guy friends that were never there before.

Music for the Masses
Sarah, Croutonboy, Chag and Dubya have all posted their top 100 CD’s. Their lists turned out to be some of the best CD's ever. For much if them, the walk down memory lane was incredible. For others CD's, I immediately went to Amazon and iTunes to hear what I'd been missing. Of course, I decided to begin my list. Well, then I edited it several times. Then I decided not to post the same CD's, but give them shouts for ones I would put onto my list. That would enable me to only have to write up 35 CD's that made my list. In six weeks, I have two descriptions done...and trust me, they pretty much suck.

Bear with me as I figure out how to post these, in some form or another. Dubya, I totally understand why it took so long.

Have a good week, folks.

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Anonymous Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Now the whole Horseradish/Wasabi thing is bugging me. Do you have one of those little college fridge's that you could put it in?

Now I'm feeling slightly guilty about buying kosher hot dogs and just sticking them next to the milk, cheese and eggs.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous CroutonBoy said...


And for the record, Sarah is a pretty fantastic woman, but she so does NOT kick ass at Fantasy Football. I have proof.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous ceridwen-sky said...

loved the kosher thing - laughed me ass off.

for the record, my husband watches the odd cricket game but 98% of the time he doesn't keep track of the sports world (thank the gods) which always suprises other men who do! LOL. He has power tools too by the way - it's his little pleasure. And sorry to dissapoint you but you're probably both wusses *grin* When I asked him why he doesn't do any contact sports he said "Cause I don't want to get hurt." "How very manly", I said, and proceeded to laugh my ass off again (I seem to do that a lot.

I so relate to what you said about finding friends on the internet... except for the 'interrupt' gay thing of course *lol*

great blog :)

11:56 AM  

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