Monday, December 11, 2006


Once again, the lovely stat counter reports on what you are searching for the most... and then getting connected to my blog.

watching daddy pee

because watching him fart isn't cool enough.

urinate standing up in stall

see, that's why they actually have urinals.

lick bottom of shoes

You do and you're going to find Mr. Johnson and Mr. Murphy. They're not going to like the tongue action.

christmas cards for dad and partner

Crap, I wrote you all these long-ass personalized holdiay letters. You find me cards like this.

demographics for almond joy

and yet you don't care about Mounds?

parakeet gender identification

just lift up the feathers. It should be simple enough.

gay enema expulsion
for the homosexual who has everything.

Tune in again next week as I try to link people here who are looking for Lindsay Lohan naked. (Not really, but that my friends, is how you totally boost up your ratings for the holday season.)



Blogger Daddy L said...

Eddy Munster. That's my all-time number one search team. On google, my blog even out ranks Butch Patrick's own site.

Go figure.

2:41 PM  

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