Thursday, February 08, 2007

See Me, Touch Me, Feel Me

I know I promoted the hell outta the Arbonne products last month, but I'm going to add to that review a little.

If you're living east of the Mississippi, you know that global warming isn't taking over the world just yet. I hate cold, so it's been rather brutal for me. Add to the fact, that I walk about a mile home each night from the Metro. While I wear a hat and gloves, I just don't like wearing a scarf so my face is exposed for those 15+ minutes.

It's no secret I'm a facial product whore and tend to rotate between items. On Tuesday, I returned to the Arbonne moisturizer. As I mentioned, this applies thick and takes a good five minutes to absorb into the skin. But with the cold, I noticed something I hadn't face was as moist at 2:30 PM as it was that morning.

Crap, is this sounding like a 'mom, how do lose that not-so-fresh-feeling' commercial. I don't mean it be, so just keep reading.

Seriously, my skin felt great all day and then as I walked home, the bitter cold that blasted my face (while my partner rides home on heated seats), didn't hurt so bad for that long, dark mile home. Hmmm, I think bitter could be applied many different ways in the above sentence .

The next day I applied it again and was so excited about its effects. I ran up to a co-worker and made her feel my cheek. "It really is soft," she said. I was in product heaven and wanted to share the good news with everyone. Three more innocent victims were required to rub my cheeks as well to feel the moisturizing power of this lotion.

Next, I ran into the office across from me. She's our HR director and a good good friend of mine. In an excited voice, I tried to be funny. "Hey , is it sexual harassment if I ask you to rub me?"

She paused for a moment and looked up from her desk. "I guess that all depends on where and for how long?"

Perhaps there are some things we should just keep to ourselves.



Blogger Peter said...

I love this stuff. I use the extra after I apply it to my face on my hands. keeps them from cracking and chapping.
I am not a person who has ever used this type of stuff so I do not know how it measures up to other products but I do know it works.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Mamma said...

An HR person with a sense of humor! That's great!!

What about the Arbonne women's products? What have you heard?

9:56 PM  

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