Friday, December 02, 2005

Paying the RENT

EBay never fascinates to amaze me. When I first began, I sold all our old VHS tapes and our CD’s. Let’s face it, anything wasn’t nailed down, got sold.

This past week, I sold another bunch of magazines. I do this every other month. All the old magazines in our house are collected and placed up for auction. As a rule, celebrity publications do best. I usually sell my old Entertainment Weekly and Advocate magazines.

This past week included The Advocate’s RENT issue. Now yes, RENT is hot right now. We saw the movie with in hours of it being released. Then again, we’re gay and didn’t have to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. But who knew how hot a 4-week old issue would be?

The magazine sold for $22.50 plus shipping. For the record, a year’s subscription to The Advocate is $15.99.

I love a free market society.


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