Saturday, February 11, 2006

Child Prodigy

We had Corey for a couple nights this week since my job let me bail out early. He & I got to spend some quality time together, which was nice.

Corey is all about accomplishments right now. Every three seconds, he’ll say, “Daddy, look. Look at me, daddy.” After the first four hours, it starts to wear on your nerves, but we’re trying to be supportive. The best part is that he says ‘look’ as “LUUUUUUKKKKEEEE.” It’s hysterical. Larry and I walk around the entire time saying, “LUUUKKE I’m your father.” (OK, so it’s funny to us. )

Corey is screaming his saying once again as he comes out from the bathroom. Normally, we’ve had to admire his deposits. “I go BIG poopie.” However, I was hoping he’d mastered the art of pulling up his underwear and pants. Currently, he’ll climb down off the toilet and shuffle to the nearest adult to have them pull up his trousers.

But this time, it was a whole new accomplishment. We turned to watch him as he demonstrated his newest skill. “Daddy! Pop-Pop! LUKE, I lick my shoulder.”

Harvard, here we come.


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