Monday, February 13, 2006

101 Dalmations

Can I tell you how much I hate this movie? I know that kids get into routines with movies, but this is the only movie our son wants to watch these days. Every time he stays with us, he says, “I watch 100 doll-may-tons. PUUULLLLEEEEESE?” Granted since he’s at our house less than his own, and we have don’t have the same variety of movies. But to be honest, at home he’s hooked on Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese cat, so things could be worse. Sagwa is one weird dude.

We’re purists btw, so I’m referring to the cartoon version, not the Glenn Close version. Originally, I really liked it; an unemployed couple with a London row house and a live-nanny. Yep totally realistic. People here in DC can barely afford a two bedroom townhouse without a 3% five-year arm or an interest-only loan. And this guy sits around all day trying to write a song while the wife and nanny make him tea? ARGH, Londoners.

But now, I'm so freaking tired of this movie I could scream. Seriously, make the damn coat already and let's get on with it. Plus that fat Rolly could make for a nice muff.


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