Friday, February 17, 2006

A Real Job

Kind of a blogless week; sorry about that. I started the new job this week, which has been overwhelming. Great, but totally overwhelming. It has definitely been about hitting the ground running.

With the last job, they had sort of forgotten about me in the corner; much like Baby from Dirty Dancing. I hadn’t been to a meeting in months. (Well, except for some really stupid ones that had no point and would produce nothing but blocked space on an Outlook Calendar.) This week, I’ve been to 14 meetings. Plus I have a desk filled with my predecessor’s files. For the record, I hate when no one clears stuff out of a cube before you move in. I mean, like I’m supposed to know what’s important or not? Luckily, I’m a purger, so most of it has gone in the trash.

BTW, this old Director filed everything alphabetically. Seriously, EVERYTHING. Under “S” was Sales, the Supply catalog, and a file for a former employee whose last name began with ‘S’. Weird.

So add to the fact that this week, I’m also sick. We had Corey this past weekend and the little petrie dish brought some new version of the bird flu home and I’ve been hacking up a lung. My voice is almost gone and I sound like Bea Arthur everything I speak.

The only break I caught was that jury duty was cancelled yesterday. As I came out of the Metro for my 10:30 AM report time, there were fire trucks and ambulances blocking the street. Seems that a power grid had gone out and jury duty was cancelled. The Gods knew how I felt about my civic duty.

And now a long weekend falls upon us. I have nothing to do but get well. My friend Emily wants me to go running with her. Actually, that would be wise since I haven’t run once to prepare for our 10K. But frankly, I just want to sit in my PJ’s and watch the Olympics while eating my Velveeta & Cheese

F*ck it; it’s a long weekend.


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