Monday, March 27, 2006

Pump Up the Volume

Yesterday, we were graced by another visit from Jenni. She’s in town again for some meeting, and although she’s not staying with us, we always require her to call and allow time for a visit. To us, she’s become the daughter we never had. Ironically, she keeps pointing out that I would have been two years old when I fathered her. I keep responding back that stranger things have happened. “Look at Tony Randall. He was a father at age 72.” She never takes the bait.

Jenni came over for brunch yesterday. About 11:30, we piled her and Corey into the car (the two siblings don’t spend enough time together) and headed up to Silver Spring for some nourishment. Once we settled into the restaurant and ordered, we began grilling Jenni on her life. She produced a number of job ads and told us that she may be moving back home to DC. She also mentioned that she’d begun dating again.

Tell us about him,” we inquired.

Well there a many ‘hims’. I took an ad out on and I’ve received a number of responses from the picture I placed online.

My only questions, “Are you wearing clothes?” Her glare told me the answer I needed.

She proceeded to explain the process and when we got home, took us online to see her ad, her glamour shot very nice photo, and the possible men we would eventually be calling ‘son’. As we perused the ads, she looked at her watch and told us she needed to leave soon. In fact, there was a man she’d be meeting that afternoon at the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms.

We started talking a few days ago and though he’s not really my type, he seems nice. His name is Marrs,” she said.

Larry & I looked at each other, but Larry spoke up first. “Mars? As in Women are from Venus…?

She smiled. “Yep. Except this man is named Marrs instead of just being from Mars.

Another look at the watch told us she needed to go. She gave us a both a kiss and skipped to the car.

As she took off, I looked at Larry trying to be funny. “Our girl is dating a candy bar. But I thought Almond Joy had the nuts.” I smiled.

Larry rolled his eyes. “You doof. It’s ‘Almond Joy’s got nuts; Mounds don’t. Not Mars bars.



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