Monday, March 13, 2006

Percocet and a Smile

Race Registration: $24
New hi-tech Wicking running clothes that make my butt look good: $114
Friends who come cheer you on and then take you for breakfast: $10.95

(Okay, it’s priceless but that’s so cache don’t you think.)

While, I was a whiny bitch yesterday afternoon, running the race was one of the best experiences ever. Over 6000 people turned out and most likely, 5000 of them passed Emily & I as we made our way through the streets of Washington, DC. All day my legs and back ached, but we ran the entire way, never stopping to walk once.

It could not have been a more beautiful day to go running. There was a nice breeze, no sun and it was about 62 degrees. The course was pretty flat and after the first mile, people spread out nicely so no one was on top of each other. Emily smartly put us near the front. Although thousands of people passed us, we were still in a big group as we crossed the finish line.

On the positive side, we kept a pace of 8:44/mile according to the timekeeper and in the men’s category, I came in 2121 out of 2249. Lucky for me, there were some pretty large guys running as well as some idiot who juggled four balls the entire race. And I thought I had issues with multitasking. Emily did much better coming in 2050 out of 2489.

Overall, a validating experience and one I will not forget. Next time, I will definitely practice more than twice. And as long as Emily runs with me, there will be many more races to come in the future, though I’m thinking a 5K would be even better.


Anonymous Emily said...

Yippee!! 8k done. I'm so glad we're still friends after this--though I was only really worried for a nano-second. Don't you just love how a good morning of exercise can lead to guilt-free piles of pancakes :)

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can attest that Steve's legs looked great both during the race and afterwards while he was eating his yummy Irish Breakfast! :)


8:45 AM  

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