Thursday, February 23, 2006

Locks o' Gold and the Three Boys

Three more days…the little man comes to stay with us in three more days. And I for one cannot wait. Why you ask? Is it the 6:15 wake ups with someone poking your nose asking, “Hey guys, are you awake?” Is it that he loves to answer the phone now by saying, “Hello? What is it?” How about the way he loves to watch his milk go up the curly Spiderman straw?

Nope. It’s freaking time for haircuts. Due to a calamity of scheduling, Larry & I were going two months without having him for the weekend. Sure we had the weekend I gave three days notice at my job, but we hadn’t planned the haircut; that was just a bonus.

So Saturday AM we visit Suzie, our stylist. She works out of S/P/Alon on 17th street. What a site is it to see as gay men walk down the streets, hung-over with the grande lattes as a 3 ½ year plays with Fisher Price little people in the window of one of Dupont Circle's main establishments.

Larry & I have been going to Suzie for almost 5 years ever since Akber, our former stylist from Yemen, suddenly disappeared. We found it odd, this wispy hair cutter, who was in Yemen during the USS Cole incident, closed his shop unexpectedly and fled back to the motherland. Who knew international terrorism could specialize in cream rinses?

So that’s how we ended up with Suzie. And how did it turn into the three boys adventure? Without going into great detail, let’s just say the conversation was a little like this:

Dad: “We’ll pick up Corey on Friday after day care.
Corey’s Mom: “Ok… just don’t look at his hair.
Dad: “Why? What happened.
Corey’s Mom: “Well, I decided to cut it myself.

Thus mullethead was born. And we took on the responsibility of haircuts.

So Saturday is haircuts and it couldn’t come at a better time. Yesterday, I came downstairs after waking up and Larry looked up and laughed. I inquired why he was chuckling.

You look just like the guy from Hall & Oats.

Great. Now there are two gay men with really bad hair.


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