Sunday, April 02, 2006

Be Careful What You Wish For

OK, I think I’m in trouble with Corey’s moms. You know when your kids begin picking up words and you jokingly tell your friends that you will teach them something stupid just so they repeat it.

Yeah well, the kiddie-instruction manual never tells you how to turn that button off.

Corey likes wearing his shirts outside of his pants. No tucking-in for this kid. He is also fascinated with lifting his shirt up. Of course, we laughed the first time, so that just encouraged him. So what do I do? I take it to the next level.

One day, he was inquiring about his nipples. Not being a huge nipple guy myself (go figure), I decided to have some fun with him and called them his ‘man dots.’ I know, totally stupid, but this is like the .08% of parenting where it can be about you and not them.

WRONG. We got our hair cut this weekend (which I’m sure you’ll read about in one of the next entries). As he walked up to Susie, our stylist, he lifted his shirt above his head and said loud enough for the entire salon to hear, “Hi Susie. Luuuke at mine man dots.” (Yeah, he has an issue with possessives, but now, I seem to have bigger problems.

I guess that seemed so much funnier in the privacy of our living room.


Anonymous emily said...

so, was the hair stylist offended? LOL. Kids say funny things-and your explanation for why boys have nipples is perfectly reasonable :)

9:44 AM  
Blogger Green Dads said...

It's amazing what kids pick up on to repeat.

One morning when I was getting our son out of bed, he had a very wet pull up that looked about to explode. As I went to change him I said, "my Darius what a big bulge you have!" and then laughed. He laughed too, and now he goes around the house telling us we have big bulges and laughing.

Thankfully, I haven't heard it repeated in public.

5:31 AM  
Anonymous AdventureDad said...

Hahaha That's hilarious. Our son is only two but he's definitely in the stage of repeating words. Thankfully he's only picking upa words here and there and the real sentences will come later. But I have already sensed that this will be tricky.

I guess my main goal is not to have him curse (too much) at an early age. I'm sure we will have many incidents similar to yours but they are embarrassing in a funny and cure kind of way.



2:20 PM  
Anonymous Genuine said...

My son has the same ones....jammies I mean.

4:19 PM  

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