Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Making the Moist out of Easter

Another holiday come and gone. This seems to be the year that Corey is totally engaged in the traditions that come along with each of these major events.

Halloween was great because he felt comfortable enough to go up to people doors and ring the bell. Now, he didn’t quite get the candy part, because he’d wait long enough to scream “trick or treat” and then he’d want to run to the next house and do it again. We kept saying, “Dude, they’ll pay you in candy if you stand there long enough.” He didn’t care.

Christmas was about presents and Santa Claus, however, the two didn’t seem to intersect in his little mind. To him, Santa didn’t bring the gifts; he was more a mall rat that seemed to have his own living space and helpers. It was actually the tree that brought presents. After all, one day the tree skirt was empty. The next day, it had all these gifts under it. Much the same as a bird’s nest… only more interactive and you don’t have to clean shit off your front porch.

So this holiday was all about the eggs. And the marshmallow bunnies. Corey’s moms put 50 plastic eggs around the yard and stuffed about half of them with marshmallows. He had a ball, but in the end, it just produced a sugar high celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

When they got to our house, we decided to do another egg hunt. Other friends brought over their eggs, which were NOT plastic. They put them around the back yard, and each time he’d show up with an egg, the friends would take it and hide it again after he left to search for more. With only 10 eggs in rotation, he collectively found over 65.

Near the end of the egg hunt, we let the dogs out to join the fun. Not the smartest idea. All of sudden, Corey shows up with an egg and says, “Daddy, this egg is wet.” Ten feet away is a beagle that I swear was smiling.



Blogger MCANDOU said...

I love how you used the blog headers for your blogroll. That's pretty cool.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Thanks. I guess I'm going to have to change your header given the new addition to the family. Congrats!

6:56 AM  

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